Rousey vs. Holm – Pre-Fight Breakdown

The wait is almost over. The highly anticipated UFC 193 is approaching fast and all eyes are on the main event. Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey will once again defend her title and this time against the number one contender and former WBF, IBA and WBAN Boxing Champion – Holly Holm. Will this be Ronda’s toughest test to date? Or will she easily eliminate her opponent (in spectacular fashion) just like she did in each and every fight before. Both women remain undefeated, with Rousey holding a perfect record of 12-0, almost all fights finished in under a minute. And Holm with an impressive 9-0 record, and an unmatched experience of over 30 professional boxing matches. We’ve got a good idea how this fight is going to be laid out. Join us as we take a step-by-step breakdown of the fight. feel free to share and comment on our facebook page.

The Stare Down

Don't let this rather peaceful stare down confuse you. Though this match up proves to be less "personal" and both fighters express mutual respect, there is nothing peaceful in what is about to unfold... It is worth noticing that Ronda is the first to break eye contact in this stare down... perhaps a sign of weakness?


Not a Quicky this time around

Actually according to our count this stare down was longer than Ronda's fight against Cat Zingano... But we bet this one isn't going to be that short.


00:00 The Fight is On!

Ronda is charging, trying to close down fast the distance between her and Holly in order to gain advantage and avoid Holly's signature high kicks.


00:25 Holly Answers

Not allowing Ronda hip to hip contact, Holly breaks out and manages to lend a powerful kick to Ronda's torso. Ronda blocks the kick but the after shock is evident on her expression. She knows she have found her match.


00:30 Ronda Shows Off Her Kicking Skills

Unwilling to lose an inch in this fight, Ronda quickly retaliates with a beautifully executed kick that draws loud cheers from the crowd but does little damage to Holly who's well used to countering such moves.


00:38 A Surprise High Kick!

Out of the blue, Ronda's worst nightmare comes true: Holly manages to release a devastating high kick that catches Ronda unprepared! Will this be Ronda's end??? Click part 2 to find out!